III-Tierra, Network Version

We have seen what Tierra is, why we need a network version of Tierra, and how the Internet is working.
The only (!) question left is how to put Tierra on the Internet.

When I arrived in ATR, a beta version of a networked Tierra for an Unix environment was already halfway implemented. This chapter first explains what technical choices were made for this beta version, and how it was working. A description of the work I did follows, leading to a first version of Tierra (dubbed network 1.0 in the following text).
Last, but not least, are a few of the features that should be implemented in a future, more evolved, second version of Tierra.

A few things had to be kept firmly in mind during the conception of the network version of Tierra. The first one is that Tierra must be as unobtrusive as possible. As a consequence, the Unix version must run with the lowest possible priority.
We also want anybody to be able to run its own Tierra. For an Unix standard system, the consequence is that none of the functionalities used by Tierra should require root privileges to run.